How to Find a Job During COVID-19

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I don’t need to tell you that unemployment rates in the U.S. are high. You likely know more than one person who has either been affected financially by the crisis or who has lost their job. However, with a vaccine on the horizon businesses are starting to invest in a brighter future, starting with their workforce. That means new opportunities and more of them. So how do you get on the top of their list and land the job?

  1. Take a Breath
    1. You may be hungry for work but before you scare off the hiring manager, take a moment to consider what you can offer the employer. Make sure you’re right for the positions you’re applying for. If you’re at the point where you’ll take anything, don’t make that apparent in the interview. Make sure you do your research on the company, the position, and what your future with them could be. It’s an employers’ market right now, they’re looking for someone to take a risk on during a turbulent time. If you appear to only be there for the paycheck, they’ll have plenty of other candidates to consider.
  2. Use Your Contact List
    1. Now is the best time to reach out to old coworkers, friends, and family who may be able to connect you with an opening. According to LinkedIn, you’re three times more likely to land a job with a company you have a connection with. Whether due to an award-winning recommendation or just a tip that allows you to get your application in as soon as a position opens up, networking significantly increases your ability to land a job now more than ever.
  3. Consider Who’s Hiring
    1. Different industries have taken it harder than others. Retail, food delivery, and health care are a safer bet; however, finance and real estate may not have the openings you’re looking for. Consider whether or not your ideal position could be in an industry you hadn’t thought of before. It may provide new search results you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
  4. Prepare Your Virtual Handshake
    1. Expect your interview process to be entirely virtual. Whether a phone interview or a video call, the interview process has changed and adapted and so should you. If you’ve never done a video call, test it out before risking it all during your interview. We’ve actually gathered a list of helpful tips to ensure your next video call is a successful one.
  5. Be Flexible        
    1. Although many companies have shifted away from an in-person workforce, your best opportunity may not be a remote one. Decide if you’re comfortable going into work each day. If you are, that flexibility may help you snag a job faster than others.

Stay Motivated.

Trust me, it’s not impossible. Finding a new job now may not be as easy as it was a year ago but it’s not only possible, it’s happening every day now. Use the tips above to get you started but stick to it. Finding a job can become a full-time job so be strategic and don’t let yourself be discouraged. It’s all uphill from here. If you’re interested in more guidance from seasoned business consultants, give us a call at 973-809-5466 to speak with a team member at JK Consulting Group.