How to Preserve Company Culture While Growing Your Business

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Growing your business while maintaining your company culture is possible. But first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page on why company culture really matters.

Your company culture is more than your mission and vision statement. It starts with leadership and grows into what holds your team together, even during the growing pains of late nights and company restructuring. Yes, happy hour and team-building retreats can help solidify your culture but the culture of your business is what helps motivate your team without them even knowing it. They’re a part of something they believe in.

While growing and changing your business, it’s important to keep track of your culture meter and make sure it doesn’t hit empty. Without cultural fuel to keep them standing and push them forward, you’ll lose more than just a few employees – you could lose what makes your business possible. Keep your business strong. Take these three steps to maintain your culture while you grow.

  • Define Your Core Values

What is it that you, as leadership, stand for? These values shouldn’t just be upheld from the top down but developed that way too. What is it that you consider before making key decisions? What is the true purpose of the company? Growing local communities and maintaining environmentally conscious choices for the world are ideal but don’t get us wrong, you don’t have to win Miss America here. Your values can be to uphold excellence, always take the bold, new step in your industry and weigh innovation over the status quo. Whatever they are, define them, share them with your team, live by them, and showcase moments when your employees do too.

  • Grow in the Right Direction

Do your new hires uphold your core values? While you grow, you will naturally need to hire new employees to help you take the next step. But when making choices on who to add to the team, make sure they’re enriching the culture instead of diluting it. Once poisoned, it’s hard to heal a company culture from outsiders who don’t belong. Make sure to use a rigorous hiring process and weed out candidates who don’t have the same work ethic, drives, and qualifications as the rest of your team. As leadership, send the right message to the rest of the company by hiring candidates who represent the direction your company is taking.

  • Throw Out the Smoke and Mirrors

Transparency and communication are key to maintaining a united company, let alone one rich with culture. Whether you’re making tough calls that directly affect them or just affect ROI, let them know what direction you’re taking the company. You’re in control of more than just a business – you’re affecting their lives. If they don’t understand why a decision was made, it creates confusion. Confusion leads to doubt. Empower them to join in on the struggles and excitement of growing your business and let them envision the future with you.

Need help solidifying your culture before growth begins? Let’s talk. Give us a call at 973-809-5466 and we can help guide you and your team to a united, new phase in your company’s history.