How to Work from Home, and Do it Successfully

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So, you’re working from home now? Can’t be too hard right? No commute. Fewer meetings. Less to iron. Before today you may have day-dreamed about working from home but now, rolling out of bed and into your new, on-the-couch workspace may be more of a reoccurring nightmare. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can immediately improve your drive and your focus. You can shake off your slumber of indifference and start each day motivated and likely more productive than you’ve ever been in the office. Here’s how …

  • Remember Your Morning Routine

It may have been a while since you’ve felt the normalcy of your daily routine but once you bring it back, you’ll also gain back your focus. Eat breakfast, drink your coffee, and even get dressed! Pants required. If you wore a suit to the office every day, it’s okay to take it down a notch. This daily routine sets you up for success and helps your brain wake up to the reality and responsibility of getting back to work.

  • Create a Home “Office”

This doesn’t mean you need to mirror the desk you had back at work, it just means you need to create a space that allows for, and encourages, productivity. You want to look forward to waking up each day and getting to work, so create a space that inspires that. In our laptop leisure time, we may not need the mouse, extra monitor, and ergonomically arranged space we often take for granted in the office. If you’re planning on being at least just as productive as you were before, you’ll need to properly set the stage or the curtains may not open.

  • Mitigate Distractions

Hide the remote, silence your phone, and talk to those in your immediate area before you get started. If you’re sharing the space with roommates or family, talk to them about how to communicate with you while you’re working. If you have pets, give them the attention they need outside of working hours so they don’t distract you during them. It may be hard not to check social media or the news, but do your best to group these small breaks to just the lunch hour.

  • Communicate. Then, Communicate Some More.

Set the right expectations with your manager on what you can and cannot accomplish from home. If you manage a team, show them how you’ll be holding them accountable while also offering a helping hand. Frequently check in and ask how you can make them more efficient and motivated. Understand their daily routines and see if there are opportunities for improvement that they haven’t thought of themselves. When you check in, use video! It’s surprising how much of the message you miss when you lose body language.

  • Please Use Responsibly

You’re working from home but that doesn’t mean you should be working less. Indulging too much or too often in short breaks can become harmful over time. Hold yourself accountable by limiting breaks you wouldn’t normally take at work. Set daily and weekly goals and make sure you hit them. If something unexpected comes up during the day, don’t push your to-do list to the following day. Tackle your goals on the same day that you make them. You’ll feel more satisfied with your work and more able to successfully switch back to leisure time.

Keep Your Business Successful

Staying focused and productive while working from home can be challenging, but with the proper stage and mindset, you can end up being more efficient, more creative, and more profitable than you ever have been in the office. For more tips on how to keep your team or your business motivated and successful while working remotely, give us a call at 973-809-5466.